ASMR Dry Head Spa Roleplay | Japanese Relaxation Salon


Hi everyone =D In this video, I will give you a dry head massage in a Japanese style relaxation salon. Enjoy! I wish you a good night’s sleep tonight!

Time Stamp
00:00 Greeting
00:41 Consultation
02:00 Palpation
03:09 Lotion
04:56 Selection of massage menu
06:34 Hot body warmer
07:14 Towel
07:40 Shoulder massage
09:49 Oil Preparation
11:04 Neck massage
14:26 Comb
16:08 Lotion for scalp
17:35 Head tapping
18:20 Head Massage
20:09 Head massage combs
21:15 Silicon massage tool
22:55 Pressure points on head
26:20 Gel disinfectant
28:25 Ear cleaning Left
29:59 Ear cleaning Right
32:20 Wear an eye mask
32:38 Black comb
33:58 Take off an eye mask
34:17 Ending
35:07 Repeat ☆Water sound in the background

Thank you so much for your time today ! 😀
#asmr #roleplay #forsleep


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