ASMR: Relaxing South African FOOT Pedicure and Massage


ASMR: Relaxing South African FOOT Pedicure and Massage

📍 Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
Price(1 hour): 400 ZAR = 22 USD = 20 Euro
Place Name: Meluha Massage & Spa
Name of treatment: Pedicure and foot massage

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00:00 – intro
01:04 – choose nail polish
02:27 – clean right foot cuticles
04:11 – file right foot nails
06:11 – buff right foot nails
07:57 – clean left foot cuticles
09:48 – file left foot nails
11:56 – buff left foot nails
14:09 – remove dead skin from right foot
16:15 – exfoliate right foot
17:47 – removed dead skin from left foot
19:53 – exfoliate left foot
21:23 – massage right foot
23:16 – massage left foot
25:40 – prep feet for polish
30:57 – apply base coat
33:40 – apply nail polish
51:32 – apply top coat
53:45 – results
53:50 – conclusion

Hey everyone today I tried a South African pedicure with a foot massage! She first started to do my nails, then she started to rub my foot and scrape it to remove dead skin, after that she did a quick foot massage and last she applied nail polish. This treatment was very relaxing, if you like asmr massage videos, foot reflexology, pedicure asmr, feet massages, south african massage asmr, foot massage for pain relief, foot massage for sore feet, asmr female foot massage reflexology and massages in general please don’t forget to subscribe!

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